Friday, November 29, 2013

"Praiseworthy Deeds of God!"

Psalm 77:11  “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.”

      Thanksgiving.  I love this holiday.  Regardless of Indians, Pilgrims or the history associated with it.  It’s a beautiful holiday strictly to have a grateful heart. 
     In a Bible study I have just begun with a friend on the Wonder of God, we were challenged to reflect on the past year.  We were asked to document, “Praiseworthy Deeds of God.” 
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     As I sat at the Thanksgiving table and looked at our family, I could hardly believe the Praiseworthy Deeds of God we had experienced since last Thanksgiving. 
     God has blessed my husband with another year of great health.  He has loved his work.  God used the mind of my husband and his strong hands to completely renovate our home.
     I considered my father and father-in-law’s health over the past year.  I really believe God spared my Daddy’s life this year.  He had two brain surgeries, he had a pace maker and defibulator installed and he was in physical rehabilitation for two months. He is a walking miracle!
     We were blessed to find an assisted living facility for my father-in-law.  No, we wish he was home but for his safety and the best care our option is this incredible “new home.”
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     I reflected the strength the Lord has given to my mom and mother-in-law to be the caregivers of their spouses over this past year.  They would both attest to the fact only God could have given them the patience and strength to endure the challenges associated with full time care of those they love the most.
     Our youngest sat at the table loving life.  Loving her school and her dance and more importantly gaining an understanding of who God is. 
     As I made the glance around the table and came upon our son, I couldn’t help but note the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord in his final days of college.  He will graduate in the Spring and God is the One who has provided the means for him to be in school. 
     Our final table member this year is not yet an “official” member of our family.  She sat with a precious anticipation of what God has planned.
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     So, how about you?  Can you look back over the last year and see the “Praiseworthy Deeds of God?”  Do you see Him protecting your children from injury and harm?  Do you see His provision for your family?  Find a moment today and remember January 2013. Consider every family member and what God has done in and through their lives this year.

     The Psalmist begs us to remember.  Share and record these memories with your children and the generations to come.

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