Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pssst......They're Watching

Yesterday was an ordinary most of mine are. We were finishing up dinner, and my kids had cleared their plate clean when my youngest son asked if he could eat something else because he was still hungry. I said he could grab an apple out of the frig. He ran to the refrigerator grabbed an apple and then walked over to the sink to wash it off. I was in awe as I watched, because I hadn't instructed him to wash it off but because he had watched me do that so many times, it was just natural for him to do it as well. 

I learned a few lessons from a simple night at home:

(1) Little ones ARE watching everything we do... even when it seems mundane.

(2) Our kiddos will imitate or mimic our actions and words, just by observing us do life.

(3) We are making an imprint on the next generation for Christ.

Shine bright for Jesus because little ones are so attentive (without saying a word) to how we behave. To that cashier,  to our friends, to living out truth daily in our life. They will watch, mimic, and impact others for Christ as we continue on this journey of raising them up. It is challenging. Be faithful. Stay steeped in His word so that the Lord can uplift you to be the mommy He desires you to be.

Are you careful how you talk and walk because little ones are watching?

What needs to change so that you can walk in integrity today?

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