Saturday, November 9, 2013


 The godly walk with integrity;
 blessed are their children 
who follow them. 
- Proverbs 20:7

I love text messages. I love Facebook. I love email. I love Google-ing. We live in an amazing era. Technology saves us time and energy. With the click of a button we have a plethora of information at our fingertips. It is a gift. Or is it?

On a family outing a few days ago,  after splashing in the water play area of our local park, we piled the kiddos in the car and headed back home. As I searched the car for my phone, my husband located it on his GPS which showed it was in the car, so I continued in my pursuit. Then all of a sudden I hear a clunk-clunk and look back to see my phone fly off the roof and onto the pavement. By the time we got to it, the face was shattered and only half working. AAggh this was the 2nd iphone that I have broken. Yes I am terrible in keeping my phone in tact :)

So this past week I have had to adjust to a much older slower phone, one we had stored and saved in case of emergency. It takes longer to download and upload Facebook as well as my email messages. It has caused me to leave my phone in the car, more and more, and engage more with my kids on the playground and in our daily outings. I realized that my phone became an obstacle in my quality time with the kids. It sucked away time and my focus because I was only half there when my eyes were glued to that tiny little screen.

Do I have a phone? Yes but it is no longer an idol in my life. Yep you heard it. I was definitely sad, and my kids were too (they have tons of apps & videos on my phone too) as my phone flew off the roof but I am grateful for the lesson it taught me.

Is your phone, ipad, Kindle, or computer becoming an idol in your life?

Don't miss out on sweet moments with your kids in exchange for sweet nothings with some form of technology :)

Put it DOWN and engage with your little ones!! Time flies fast! Invest :)

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