Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's OK to Say NO

I had a recent revelation that was both convicting and enlightening at the same time. My husband shared with me how we needed to say "No" to the kids more often when asked about getting "treats" in the store as I shop. See I have gotten into the habit of frequenting Target and Publix during the week with the kiddos to pick up those last minute items I had forgotten on my big shopping day...oh and it allowed us to be in the cool store and get a free cookie too! Most days I would allow them to pick out a special something from the checkout as well. It got to where my kids felt they were ALWAYS getting a "treat" and had a meltdown if they didn't.

But I didn't realize through this simple giving of a treat here and there that I had created an entitled and ungrateful heart within my child. So now I am saying "No" more often and sharing scripture, to support that, with my child. Reminding him of what God's word says about being thankful. Letting them know that many children in the world don't even have food to eat let alone a yummy snack. 

The other morning on the TV came a program about a third world country full of kids lined up with red bowls to get a free meal. My son's eyes were glued to the screen. It sparked a conversation with my kids and allowed a visual to be seared in their mind. We talked after about what some go through to receive a meal and how it's not as tasty as what we eat EACH day. My husband and I plan to do a week of rice and beans with our kids in order to show them how much of the world eats. And also it will give them a new appreciation for the food placed before them. With the extra money we would normally be spending on groceries  (but aren't because of the cheap-ness of rice and beans) we plan to get a gift card and bless a family in need. Teaching them about being content and blessing someone else too! 

So we are training them up and it is exhausting. God is training me as well. But I am believing the Lord will give me wisdom and direction as I seek to honor Him and train them with Truth.

Do you tend to give your kids "treats" a lot?

What are some practical things you could put in place of a "treat" and allow them to learn about God in the process?

What do you think God is saying to you?

What do you think He wants you to do about it? 

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