Friday, October 31, 2014


“Congratulations! You are undefeated!”  This was my opening sentence to Greg this morning.  Yep, the team did it!  They have finished their pre-season, season and now play offs as undefeated!  The accomplishment is quite impressive, even for us as the coach and his family.

Truly, this isn’t a pride issue rather it is an “Awe” issue with what the Lord has done! Not only because the team was predicted to be in last position and my husbands prediction was “we could win a few”,  but it is the reality of teams, and sports and … well … life!!

The likelihood of a winning season much less an undefeated season rarely, if ever occurs.

Take our family experience for our 27 years.  Greg has coached college, little league and high school ball throughout many of those years.  He has had a few winning seasons.  Never (until last night) has he had an undefeated season.

Our eldest only played one sport her entire career (oh yeah, and a semester of cheerleading her senior year) and really she sat the bench.

Our youngest, no sports.

Our man-child, well he is a super gifted athlete.  His athleticism started with an attempt to join his best buds in karate.  He went to their first “practice.”  The instructor stood at the front of the little pre-schoolers and kindergarteners and began calling out instructions in a foreign language.  Drew, just followed along for about 30 minutes and then took a mad dash to the door crying hysterically.   He was so overwhelmed.  He was done with karate for life.  No wins there.

Then he faced a string of little league sports.  The score board invariably read no winning seasons.

High school lead to a dramatic knee surgery that ended with a disdain for the sport he was injured in.

His senior year a new sport was introduced to the school and our son.  Thus began our love of lacrosse.  As mentioned, Drew is an athlete.  He played great with a sport that he nor the school knew much about.  He fell in love with his teammates and the sport.  He even played lacrosse most of his college years.  His team went to the playoffs.  It was a wonderful experience for him.

Moms, parenting is like these sporting attempts at undefeated seasons.  We learn from each season. We grow during these seasons.  I love what God words says in II Corinthians 4: 8 – 11.
(I challenge you to write this out before your day starts and meditate on it throughout the day!)

No, we aren’t going to win every battle each day.  God wants us to know He is on our side.  He wants us to win.  No, He doesn’t want us to take the glory or even think it is us winning the battle.  He wants us to see it is HIM winning in and through us.   I John 4: 4 should also encourage us.  

Because of Christ, very morning we can wake saying to the Lord, “Congratulations! YOU are undefeated!”

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