Friday, October 3, 2014

Your Book Report!

“I delight in your decrees, I will not neglect your Word.”
Psalm 119: 16

         One of the questions I remember adults asking me as a young child was, “what is your favorite book and why?”  What  a great question!
         More recently the question was posed this way, “if you were on a deserted island, other than the Bible what book would you most want with you?”  As Kate asked us last week, “what books would we suggest?" 
         I have a lengthy list I would suggest for children’s literature.  However, there are some pointers I would want to encourage young moms to consider.
         First, always have a reading area as part of your child’s world.  Whether in a basket near the toys or on a shelf they can reach in their rooms.  Make the books easy to see and easily available for them.
         Secondly, make trips to your public library a regular routine.  Find out when the children’s area offers reading time and be sure to go often.  These reading times may provide crafts and a host of different singing and rhythm times for the children.
         Third, read to your children daily.  Start with board books and add more length and content as they are ready.  It works to alternate the reading for all the children present.  You may find yourself doing a combination of board books and chapter books all at the same setting.  The younger children will begin to “get” the plot and story lines of more advanced reading.
         Finally set the example.  Let the children see you read and hear you discussing the current book you are reading.  Children will begin to imitate your behavior because this is their “norm.”
         Our children have fond memories of reading our favorites! In case you are wondering some of our favorites include:  all of E.B. White’s books, Stuart Little, Trumpet of the Swan, and Charlotte’s Web; The Secret Garden all of C.S. Lewis books from his series, The Lion, The Witch and Wardrobe. Be sure to include, The Secret Garden too!
         As always, reading a verse from the Bible or part of a verse to your child will take root and never be forgotten.  This too may become a habit you will want them to form!


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