Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Captain of the Army!

Proverbs 31:10b "... she is worth far more than rubies."

About 3 weeks ago, while my daughter was getting her teeth cleaned, she was asked by the hygienist what she wanted to be when she grew up.  Calgary Brooke quickly replied "I want to be a mom."  The hygienist's jaw dropped and her eyes widened as she looked at me like my daughter had just done something dreadfully awful. The awkward moment followed with "She just wants to be a mom?" implying I should intervene at once and set my poor wayward daughter straight.  I simply replied, "She could run a fortune 500 company, but she wants to be mom and I think she will be a wonderful one!" The woman was still not satisfied and brought it up 3 more times.  "You know you could have a career AND be a mom."  "You shouldn't sell yourself short."  "You should go to college."

One week later, my daughter was asked the same question in her dance class at a Christian school by one of her teachers.  My daughter once again replied, "I want to be a mom."  This time she was met with a tearful face saying "That so blesses my heart, sweetie!  You are choosing the best thing!"

My two takeaways:
1.  The world will constantly try to impose its priorities and goals on us and our children.
2.  When God gives you a word or desire it is nothing short of a miracle!  The God who created the world and is outside of time, took notice of you and intervened in your heart and mind.  Guard it jealously! Keep your focus on Him and let the nay sayers pass on by.

On the mom thing, let me clarify.  God created marriage and family BEFORE He instituted the church or government.  The Bible tells us He desires godly offspring. Yet for so many of us, we struggle with "should I be doing something more important than raising kids?" "How can I impact the world in a more profound way?" What more profound way can a person impact the world than to raise up a world-changer. (one person at a time)

Think of the people you most admire.  Billy Graham, Mother Theresa, Ronald Reagan, Einstein, your favorite aunt ... they all had mothers speaking into their character.  Their mothers poured thousands of precious hours into their lives, launching them into the world. Each mother played an invaluable role in changing the world. Mothering is the highest calling, the most influential job on earth, and one which ought to be affirmed more readily. Let us lead the charge to not just be an excellent mother, but to train up an army of excellent mothers.  One day, Calgary Brooke will be a captain in that army!

Calgary Brooke and her lucky mommy!

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