Friday, October 24, 2014

My Coach!

         People are curious to know that when Greg and I fell in love his profession was a football coach.  Yes, we both knew God had called us to ministry but Greg doubted that people “came to church” to find a Savior and we needed another vehicle to “bring them to Jesus.”
         Thus the profession of coaching appeared perfect for my husband.  He loved on the young men at a college level and while teaching them how to punt, pass and kick he would inadvertently introduce them to Jesus.
         The true meaning of the word “coach” is derived from the Old West’s stagecoach.  The stagecoach would travel from place to place taking letters, packages and people.
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         Over the years as God has lead us to full time ministry (yes, at a church) we have come to recognize that Greg has continued to “Coach.”  Whether he delivers the Good News of Christ or encourages someone in their personal decisions, or challenges them in their thinking or simply loves on them as they mourn my Greg has continued to coach.  He has guided people from one place to the next.
         This week was no exception for my husband as his team won their first high school play-off game in an undefeated season.  I’m not talking about his coaching on the field (although there are examples of that) but in the home as my husband he was coaching me.
         I found myself in that pickle of a spot when I realized I had again made a poor choice, which needed forgiveness from my coach.  I asked forgiveness and he was quick to forgive.
         But I.
         I finally said to my coach, “I appreciate that you have forgiven me, I just can’t forgive myself.  I can’t shake it.”
         The Coach finally responded, “you know Joannie, on the football field the game is made of a series of plays.  You move from one play to the next.  Whether the play was good or bad or effective or worthy to be tried again you just “go to the next play.”
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I loved this visual.  Too often as a mom, I think I’ve messed up and feel like I can’t make “the next play.”  Parenting is a series of “next plays.”  So whether we handled the situation well or failed miserably we just have to get up and go to the “next play.”
         Moms don’t give up because you messed up.  Accept that you did mess up, ask forgiveness and

         MOVE. ON.


  1. Awesome blog my friend! What I needed today!

  2. I really needed and loved that Joannie, Thanks!

  3. What a great post Joannie! Loved the verse you applied to this post! Pressing on! Missi

  4. <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much Joannie! What a great way to look at it! -Cassie