Thursday, October 30, 2014

Allowing Others to Help

Sometimes we think we can do it all and forget to ask for help when in over our heads. The last 18 months have been exhausting. Whoever said three kids were easier than two...totally lied. It is definitely harder than I ever expected. No one warned me of the crazy uphill battle I would face. With an infant, special needs son, and my middle child having major meltdowns frequently because he's overlooked many times because of the baby or brother with can be crazy.

I feel like I have been treading water and barely breathing. When one task ends another begins. Laundry everywhere. School scattered about. And although it reads rather grim, there is an amazing ending to my story...

A few weeks ago, I sat down and shared with my husband that I needed help. I asked him to take off a week of work to help me schedule, organize, and put the pieces together that make up my chaotic but beautiful puzzle I call life. I needed help, but I also needed to humble myself and ask for it.  He agreed and took off a week and it was the most refreshing, encouraging, and amazing experience. Life has changed in the Seawell House. Praise Jesus!

Sometimes pride clouds our view causing us to feel weak if we ask for help. In that, we fail to recognize that the Lord created us with a heart for community. To need each other, and giving us a heart to serve as well. To love and be loved.

...those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. - Proverbs 11:25

So what happened? 

We got organized. Mornings had kids gone with Daddy causing ...Mommy to put things into practice and place that had been left on the sidelines. With Daddy's help, we created an org chart and schedule for our kids. Creating checklist that help me know what needs to be done when. Checklists in our home causes anxiety to cease and transition to go smoother. For everyone! 

First, I had to admit that I needed help. 
Then, ask for it.
Finally, we put our heads together to create & execute a plan to lessen the chaos.
It worked! 
It worked!
It worked!
Can you tell how excited I am?

Do you struggle in asking for help? Does pride slow you down in asking? Ask! It will help get you out of the slump you are in! You will be grateful! Two heads are better than one! 

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