Thursday, October 16, 2014

Join HIM as HE Ministers to Them

 There has been a theme weaved this week in my life. In my quiet time, at my weekly Bible Study, and through a friend's Facebook post, that both convicted my heart and stirred me to change. About denying self and using my gifts to serve others.  I want to share with you a quote my friend shared today...

"God is at work in the lives of your friends, your neighbors, and your family members. He may ask you to interrupt your day long enough to join Him as He ministers to them. Nothing on your agenda, no matter how pressing, is reason enough to ignore the voice of God when He tells you to stop and help." -Experiencing God: Day By Day (Daily Devotional)

WOW! Isn't that awesome! 

Isn't that convicting too?

As moms, most of our day consists of keeping up with our long "to-do" list which causes us to miss divine "interruptions" with our neighbors. So many times I miss ministry HE has planned, in the schedule, because my head is down checking off the list. I get consumed with my issues and needs, that I fail to remember there are people He has placed beside me that need to see Jesus. The neighbors beside my home, the Starbucks Barista, the woman who checks me out at the grocery store most times, and others in my sphere of influence. They are my "neighbor."

So, how can we be more intentional with ministry on our "schedule" today?

How about placing a "baking for your neighbor" time on the schedule each week to bless your neighbor with some goodies the kids bake?

Maybe it's something more simple, like bringing up their garbage cans weekly. People are watching your life. They notice the little things that look so very different from the world. Small acts of love are the window to their heart.

Let the kids be involved in your planning, as you seek to be a light in this dark world.

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