Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Will Not Be Shaken

"Truly He is my rock 
and my salvation; 
He is my fortress,
 I will never be shaken."  
      -Psalm 62:6
It's been a rough week. Totally looking forward to my weekend getaway without kids. I have been shaken this week. Yelling at my kids. Definitely not looking like the fruit of the Spirit. My kids recently learned a song that teaches them the fruit of the spirit in a fun way. They have me singing it now too, and it has convicted me to the core. 

I need to pray more, the fruit of the spirit would be alive and well in my life. My kids will learn first hand what they are as I spend time with the Lord, and commit to praying one a day over my life.
God uses our kids to remind us how, we too, need to be singing songs of remembrance of the character  we hope to show. 

I am thankful He is my  rock. If I stand on that rock.... He promises I will not be shaken.

What is shaking you lately?

Has He been your rock?

What fruit of the spirit do you need to work on most?

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