Monday, October 6, 2014

"Muffins with Mom" by Stacey Wooddell Imbimbo

A joyful heart is good medicine, 
but a crushed spirit 
dries up the bones. 
- Proverbs 17:22

My family loves banana muffins, not just any banana muffins…mini muffins.
This has become almost a weekly event at our house.
Usually we have a few brown bananas left over from the bunch we buy at BJs and it takes a few simple ingredients and viola....muffins!
Monday morning the kiddos were busy playing and I thought I’d go into the kitchen and mix up a batch for a fun mid-morning snack.
It didn’t take long for the kids to slowly come into the kitchen.
“Mom, whatcha doing?”
“Can I get up there?”
“Can I help?”
And so it began.
All three kiddos sitting on the counter each having a turn pouring in the flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and bananas.
Each child had a turn pushing the button on the mixer.
This was taking extra long, and to be honest I just wanted to be done with the baking, pop them in the oven and move on to other activities.
But they were LOVING it.  They were encouraging each other, and wait for it…..NO ONE was arguing.
My heart was so full.
I even let them fill the muffin tins with the batter

Ok…maybe I went too far…this was extremely messy.  I was having a June Cleaver moment, and thought “why not?”


This small insignificant moment in my day taught me so much. 
Don’t miss the joy in the midst of the MESS.
What can you do together this week with your kiddos?

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