Friday, April 19, 2013

The Diamond is Coming!!

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      I love the honesty that shows up on the posts of Parakaleo.  Just moms trying to sort this “mom” thing out.  It is often reflected within the posts of how we get into a routine with our parenting.  Each day seems like the last.  We even can find ourselves having a little pity party and licking our wounds about what “isn’t” or equally disheartening about what “is.”
     I have been reminded of the analogy of our oldest as she was waiting for her proposal from her Prince Charming.  Our son in law had come to both my husband and I individually and asked permission to marry our firstborn.  However, he is a planner and had to get all the circumstances just right. 
     Michelle got ready every day thinking with each meeting of her boyfriend, she might come home with a beautiful ring, representing his love and commitment to their lives together.  As one day ran into the next, Michelle got anxious and disappointed.  She came home day after day disheartened that Cole had not proposed. 
     I have the honor as her mom to hear exactly what she was mulling over.  She would say things like, “maybe he doesn’t really love me” or “if he can’t make up his mind, maybe we should break up.”  My responses had to be casual and yet try to get her to see she didn’t know the whole picture.
     As I have shared their story you know she and Cole did get engaged and married.
The point is this…the diamond ring was coming!
    As we parent we may feel like nothing is changing. The children continue to argue, the bills stack up, you are spending more time in the pediatrician’s office than you do in the park.  You are making meals, taxing kids…
    Can I encourage you moms with this thought…The Diamond is coming!  It may seem “late” or you may question “His” love.  Don’t give up! Don’t break up! Don’t even question His love!  The Diamond is coming!
Galatians 6: 9
So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.
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  1. Thank you so much for this post, Joannie! God knows just why we need to hear. I was encouraging myself with this same verse from Galatians today (I was giving myself a pep talk.) It is such a wonderful reminder from God to see that verse on your blog today. It reminds me that HE hears me, and is so into the details. :)

  2. Hey Friend, Only God can do things like that! Of all the verses in the Bible, you would see the same one twice in a short period of time. Maybe that WAS your diamond today!! Love you! Hug the babies for me!