Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tuesday Night Tradition

             the transmission of customs or beliefs
             from generation to generation,  or the fact 
             of being passed on in this way.

As of late I have been thinking about "traditions" and what legacy I will leave my kids. I love the above definition because it reminds me that those things I am doing day-in and day-out will be passed on from generation to generation.  Both those traditions we do once a year (i.e. Resurrection Eggs on Easter) and those that come weekly or even daily. 

We have a "Tuesday Night Tradition" in the Seawell Family where we go around our table and take turns telling what we LOVE about each other. Those things that sometimes go unsaid until Tuesday night. It gives each a chance to express gratitude for the good the Lord has placed in each other. Many Tuesdays, after a rough day, I have been uplifted from my husband and kids with sweet things they say. On the flip, it also gives me a chance to tell my family, out loud, just how much I love them. My kids are able to hear me praise my husband for all he is, and all he does for our family. It is so refreshing and something I SO look forward to each week. Have you had a chance to do that lately? Give praise to your family for all that they are to you.

What traditions (daily or weekly) have you made with your family that will be passed on from generation to generation?

Ask the Lord to reveal ideas to you that will start traditions that will make an impact with your family.

Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart 
into caring for your herds,
           - Proverbs 27:23

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