Friday, April 5, 2013

Who's Teaching Who?

   I could hardly wait to be a momma!  I had such high expectations of what I would “teach” our children.  I thought of teaching them “Pat a Cake” and to sing “Jesus Loves Me!”  I would teach them to count cheerios, and ride their trikes. I would tell them when it was appropriate to say “thank you” and “please.”  I looked forward to teaching them to read, write and most importantly to love the Lord Jesus with all with all their hearts.
    I never considered teaching our children how to respond to tragedy and trauma.  I never thought of trying to explain the loss of a loved one or how to deal with those who move away.  I never thought I would have to explain divorce or consequences we face based on others decisions.  Life can be difficult to explain to our children.
    I’ve been dreading this week, particularly, Tuesday. 
   Tuesday was the day we would move my father in law (affectionately called “Boppie”) into an assisted living facility.  This has been a methodically planned moved based on his declining health with Parkinson’s disease.  He has required more and more assistance with his day-to-day care.  My father in law was beginning to fall regularly and my tiny mother in law has not been able to meet all his needs. 
    How do you explain to your children that the safest place for their grandfather would be to move him out of his home?  As hard as it was to explain to them the decision to move him into an assisted living facility, it was my fear to watch them, watch him.
    Tuesday came. Tuesday was quite the opposite of all I had feared.  My precious father in law was wheeled into his new “home” with dignity.  His response was filled with grace and gratitude.  He has recognized his need to have full time care.
     Our youngest wanted to wheel “Boppie” into his first meal in the dining room. “Boppie” asked to return to his room where the rest of the family was scurrying to place the furniture and his things just so.  He asked to return because he wanted us to pray with him a heartfelt prayer of gratitude for God’s provision and this glorious new home.  And so we did.
    In that moment I knew I wasn’t teaching our children, rather my father in law was.  He is a trophy of gratefulness.  He is showing our children how to handle change and transition.  He is displaying to our children how to respond to all of God’s provisions.
    Yeah, I’ve taught our children a few things.  What a gift not to have to teach them everything.  Many have taught our children.  I am very grateful I wasn’t teaching this week.  “Boppie” is teaching all of us this week! 

Leviticus 19: 32 "Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. I am the LORD.


  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Heart touching I love this one. Praying for grandpa Boppie <3

    1. Our God is AWESOME!! and I am ever so blessed to have Boppie in my life!! Love you Sheila!