Friday, April 12, 2013


“I love Sfarkles!”  I can still hear the precious lisp in little Rachel’s exclamation as she showed me her darling sweater with the tiniest of sparkling beads and sequins!  There is nothing like the voice of a two year old expressing themselves.

This past weekend, my girls and I hosted a Bridesmaids dinner for a very dear Bride-to-be and her mother.  Michelle’s creative juices were pumping away as she decided on the menu, the venue (our backyard) and the decorations.  She had already created amazing invitations that would make Kate Spade drool.  

She used the colors of the Bride-to-Be’s wedding and “kicked it up a notch.”  Down to the colors of bronze and hot pink complete with sequins and glitter, it was incredibly coordinated and classy.  Michelle has the knack for sure!

We wanted everyone to feel special and wanted and loved!  The day after the dinner we heard from several of those who had attended and they said just that.  Mission Accomplished!

Even after a good cleaning of the house this week, I keep coming upon some “residue” from the dinner preparations, specifically the glitter.  All you mommas know what I’m talking about.  A great art project turns into paint on the coffee table, feathers under the table, melted crayons on the iron board cover. “Residue” some might note. 

As I’ve shared in previous posts I’ve not wanted to ever thwart the creative genius in our children.  This “residue” of glitter has made me smile and shake my head.  (Truly I hope I never clean good enough to remove the glitter.)

I think the Lord looks on us like I have at the glitter.  We show up in unlikely places.  I think He smiles. As He is with us, I know He too wants each of us to feel special and wanted and loved.  I think the “glitter” in us causes us to shine and even remind Him of His Son.

So, as I glance around the house and even on the patio and yard, I have to smile at all the glitter, I’m thinking the Lord too is saying, “I love sparkles!”

Psalm 149: 4 "For the Lord takes delight in His People!"

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