Friday, July 4, 2014

The Shard Taunt

         I have always detested that sing songy taunt, “Na Na Na Na Boo Boo.” As a child I remember myself “singing” it to my brothers or neighbors or church friends complete with the “exclamation mark” of my tongue stuck out!  How hateful I was. I mean, what was I thinking?
         This week as I studied Nehemiah (no this isn’t an old post it just happens to be a study the Lord knows I haven’t learned yet) I was reminded of the opposition the Israelites faced as they built the wall.  Yes, their opposition was from their enemies but it was also from within.
         Their fellow Jewish relatives were name-calling.  They called them “feeble” or “pathetic.”
         I was grateful I had just studied this when a friend and I chatted this week.  She shared how someone within her church had verbally attacked her following service.  This lady told my friend all that she should be doing and what she wasn’t doing for her children and the ministry.  I was appalled that my friend had been accused of such things!
         My humble friend graciously acknowledged that this gal was really an encourager.  She also recognized that within this girl’s verbal assault there may be a shard of truth.
Shards of Glass ~ A Google Image
         The Israelites had to come to terms with the shard of truth that the accusation that they were “feeble” was in some ways true.  Only a small amount of people were attempting to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem and those who were rebuilding the wall didn’t have the knowledge or the experience.
         The accusation that the Israelites were “feeble” had great potential to cause self-doubt.  It was as if those words threw a dagger into their self-confidence. They could have believed the hateful taunt of their fellow brothers or they could consider how to deal with this harsh indictment.
         Moms, my friend was accused of not being involved in the right things at church.  She was accused of not parenting her children correctly.  She was told how to care for her children and her responsibilities.  My point is this, as much as it hurt to hear these complaints, she was willing to consider the shard.
         How about me?  How about you?  Do you examine the complaint that is thrown at you and consider what part actually holds an element of truth. 
         God’s people felt the pain of the hateful taunt but they (like my friend) asked what part was true.  They chose not to stop rebuilding the wall but to deal with the issue that needed changing.
Google Image
As we mother our babes we must accept the truth that we are “feeble.”  We do need help. We don’t have to run from the “Na Na Na Na Boo Boo” taunt.  Many of us have great support systems that we should utilize.  All of us have access to the One who is neither feeble or weak.  He is strong and all wise.  He can give us the guidance and the blueprint we need.

Nehemiah 4: 2
"...What are those feeble Jews doing?  Will they restore their wall?...Will they finish in a day?..."


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