Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Go & Make Disciples

Yesterday was a great day! My kids have recently introduced themselves to our backyard neighbor and decided he will be their "friend." They love going out back to play and talk to this new friend, Mr. Jack, as he rebuilds his worn down tiki hut. They talk through the fence and bring out candy to bless him. 

I decided to go out back too, as I watched my middle son climbing the tree higher in order to engage in conversation with Mr. Jack. Introducing myself to our neighbor, I just listened to his story. A story we all have, but different in the details. A life story. One that tells who we are, where we have been, and what is important to us.

As I listened, he shared of his son who worked for Apple and passed away five years ago. Of his own life and how he ended up in Naples. He asked how we wound up in Naples, and I shared our story. 

He brightened my day as he told me about his first encounter with my kiddos. My youngest, through the fence, had asked if Mr. Jack had a Bible or if he knew God. Our neighbor shared that he was curious what our family was all about. So yesterday I got to share with him about the ministry God has called our family to in planting a church. As I talked, my kids came running out with candy galore to share with our neighbor as they ate a few pieces too! 

Afterwards, I walked back inside so revived and renewed in heart. My kids are getting it. It's all about Jesus and how we can spur on those around us to knowing Him. Some days I question what fruit there is in their lives- as they fight like cats and dogs- and then, the Lord blesses me with a little conversation with our neighbor that reminds me it's all worth it. They are getting it, little by little, each day. And putting it into practice as they love our neighbor with candy and conversation.

What a good lesson for me to slow down, and see those people beyond the fence - that HE has strategically placed in my life to hear Truth. He wants me (and my kiddos) to be the vessel in which they experience His love. 

What a great day! What a great time of encouragement! They are getting it! They are impacting others! One day at a time! Be patient, friend, as you invest into their little lives! 

What is one way your family could bless your neighbors this week? Baking? Bringing up their garbage cans? Engaging in conversations with them? These all lead to sharing Truth! 

 The Lord has a great plan for Mr. Jack...and your kiddos too!

As we make disciples - our kids will be as well. How cool, right!

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  1. Great blog! One of our neighbors actually brings in our garbage cans. He's like 88 or something and can't hear very well so when I tried to engage in conversation asking him if he is a Christian (because taking in other people's garbage cans is something Jesus would do, right??!!), I don't know if he was just blowing me off or really couldn't hear me... But he spurred us on to do nice things for our neighbors too. :-)