Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Complete Submission

Horray! The 4th of July celebrations outside our windows finally calmed down when all of a sudden our (nearly) 3 year-old daughter woke up screaming!  “My ear hurts, my ear hurts, Aouww Mommy AWWOO, it huuurts!!”  After trying to calm and remedy this tough-girl’s pain I took her to the ER.  Although it was 4th of July, there was hardly anyone in there, praise God.  Even so, Jordan made it quite clear that she did NOT want to be there… and I’m sure everyone in the whole hospital could hear her wailing it! 

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10

After seeing the ER doctor we had a nightmare experience.  I found myself sitting on the bed with Jordan, holding her legs down with my legs, my arms holding hers while two nurses with needles on each side shot her with antibiotics in each leg at the same time.  It was awful!  Yet although she wanted to go home, wanted to go see daddy, wanted to desperately get some sleep at that late hour, she was submissive, I could feel it in her body.  Although it hurt her, she had to go through the pain of the moment to get to the relief of healing.  Hmmm, isn’t this like us with God sometimes?  He has to lovingly hold us down so we can get the shot of “good medicine” we need even if it hurts for a moment, we will reap the benefits of being still and submitting to His authority. 

My little girl taught me a lot that night.  He made her so strong (her personality and physically, too) yet able to submit when necessary. After all, aren’t all of life’s lessons here on this earth helping us personally get to know the character of our loving God and thereafter be in His presence for eternity, in Heaven?

Lord, thank YOU for teaching us so much through the experiences we go through with our children.  They are definitely a blessing from You.  We worship You.  We praise You.

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