Monday, July 28, 2014

Capture the Moment

With each child you have, you capture less and less milestones on film. Not because you want to but because your hands are trying to maintain the others through the process. Yesterday was HUGE for the Seawell Family. Quinn, our little girl who is one, walked across the floor, with many steps, to me!  And we got it on film! Our iPhones were ready, and she was too! The boys stood around cheering her on and it was a beautiful moment for our whole family. 

We sat down as a family, using Apple TV, and threw the video onto the flat screen. Then we scrolled threw the other videos on my phone and watched them up there too! Sweet memories flooded my heart as I noticed a video capturing a time before my oldest lost his front teeth. Another video caught my middle singing a birthday song to his Daddy. I loved each moment we have shared together as a family. 

I was convicted that I hadn't taken more footage of the kiddos. I need to SLOW down and commit to take at least one video of the kids each week. Which really will be once a month, but it will be more than now. I don't want to look back wishing I had taken more. 

How are you with capturing the "moments" of the life of your little ones?? Videos? Photos?

Make a plan to SLOW down and capture some memories you will cherish tomorrow. 

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  1. Love the picture you painted for us - James & Jack cheering Quinn on... how precious! I actually had to delete some text msgs that had pix on them to free up some more space on my phone so I could take more pix of my kids!! Yet, when we look back it doesn't seem like I've taken enough either...