Friday, July 25, 2014

Teaching them to Remember!

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         In our Bible study this week, we had a day of study called, “Remembrance.”  It was a study of recalling the character of God.  The passage was particularly focused on how God dealt with the people of Moses as he lead them in the desert on their way to the Promised Land.
         We talked about how Moses would set up memorials whenever they recognized God's miraculous hand in their circumstances.  Moses would gather rocks and stack them so the Israelites would not forget God’s goodness.
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         I asked the girls if they had any traditions within their families in which they “remembered” what God did for them personally.  Here are a few of the ways the girls “remember” what God has done. 
         One friend has a large bowl on her coffee table.  As God blesses their family they write on a stone the attribute or a circumstance God did a miracle.
         Another gal shared how every year they find a perfect Christmas ornament to reflect what God had taught them during that year.  Each year as they decorate their tree they review with their children what each ornament represents.
         I loved the creativity of a friend that said her family records answers to prayer and ways they see God work during the year.  They write them on small little “scrolls” and keep them in a glass jar.  On New Year’s Eve they open these scrolls together and remember what God has taught them.
         There were still other suggestions on how these gals encourage their families to “remember!”  I can assure you if we don’t find ways to remember the faithfulness, the goodness, and the miracles of God, we will forget.
         There are only two options we will either remember of forget!  Let's help our children remember!


  1. Loved this Joannie, thanks for those great ideas!

  2. Love YOU Fran!! Hope you and yours are well and enjoying the summer!! xo