Saturday, July 26, 2014

Slow Down & Paint

It seems like my middle child has been especially challenging lately. We are going through a stage of whining, talking back, and just plain out struggling. Well moms, you know that as your child goes through a "stage" ...we do too! It is called pruning, where there lessons are weaved throughout our day as we make choices on how to handle our little ones.

I have been pruned lately.

I learned a very important lesson the other day. He needs some alone time with me. My middle asked if I would paint with him. Many other things flooded my docket for the day, but I felt the nudge from God to slow down and savor this moment. So, I picked up my brush and found it to be such a refreshing time. Talking to him as we chose what to draw on our blank canvas of computer paper, our conversation was very regular but it meant the world to him.

I need to do this more often. It didn't have to be something crazy expensive. Just quality time with my son. Something that costs me nothing, but means everything to him. It was a deposit into his little life that gives weight and room for when those "struggle conversations" come.

I need to do it more. I need to plan for those painting moments each week. Schedule them in. Allow him to have some alone time with just me. This time gives way for him to share about their interests and cares uninterrupted by my other two! 

How are you doing in this area?

Do you have some alone time scheduled in for each of your kids? Struggling or not, they need to have those moments to be open and honest with you while doing something fun!

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