Tuesday, July 1, 2014

5 Minute Talks Before Bed

Direct your children 
onto the right path, 
and when they are older,
 they will not leave it. 
- Proverbs 22:6 

I recently started a routine with my kids that I absolutely love and cherish. It is basically an opportunity a few nights per week where each child gets 5 minutes of my day to debrief and talk about those things I, as their mom, could do better. Yes, I ask those tough questions like what they would like see changed in me. I do it because I want to change. I want to be a better mom. Then when we are done talking about that, a minute or so, we spend the rest of our time talking about them. I ask them what they think might need to change in their life as well. It gives them an opportunity to evaluate their own behavior, come up with solutions, and set a goal for the next day. This process makes room for some uninterrupted mommy and me time. (Note: I do this separately with each child) Nothing written on paper, just mental notes in my mind, but during each "talk" I also try to recall their last struggle and ask how they are doing in that area as well. We pray and ask for God's help with our struggles!

I have come to LOVE theses times. It allows the kids to see that I'm human, a sinner, and need to work on things too. I need accountability - even on the seemingly small things. This allows them to remind me when they see me struggling during the day. Sweet memories being made, giving me a glimpse into the person they are becoming. Into the mommy I am becoming too!

Do you have one-on-one time talks with your kiddo where you can ask questions about their day-to-day struggles?

A few helpful reminders:
(1) Take a deep breath, and ask your child how you can be a better mommy. Remember it will make you stronger and allow you to see your weak points, and rely on His strength.

(2) Get before God daily, pray and ask Him for wisdom with your struggles!

(3) Smile...remember that parenting is a sanctifying process for us...and our kids too! 

(4) Know that you are imparting truth and wisdom - in your actions & speech that your kiddos will emulate with their own kids someday!

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