Friday, May 2, 2014

An Open Letter to our Engaged Children,

As our son and daughter in law (to be) continue to make their summer wedding plans, I am in that overdrive mode of trying to impart with any last minute tools to make their marriage a success.  Drew and Kacie feel called to the ministry.  Because we too have been in ministry for almost 20 years I felt it important to make this reminder...

My Precious Drew and Kacie,

     As God continues to confirm His call in your lives, I pray you will ALWAYS be honest with the Lord and with each other.

      One of the most important lessons Greg and I learned (through watching my brother's separation and divorce, while he was pastoring) was the need to be honest.  Other lessons learned were; our marriage mattered far more than the ministry, and our children would inevitably feel the tremors of our honesty or lack there of.

      We made the decision to live honestly.  When our marriage hit hard times we would ask for help.  When we didn't know how to parent we would seek counsel by those we respected.  When ministry was more than we could bare we would take a break.

      Please never allow the position you've been called to usurp the call for honesty or help.

      Be assured I believe in you and in your marriage plans.  We are always here for you!  

I love you dearly! Mom
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