Friday, May 23, 2014

Only God!

After being away for almost two weeks, I’ve hit the ground running.  Trying to catch up at work, at life and at home.  I had a wonderful reprieve away but now I am making up for what didn’t get done.

This past week I had the blessing of being alone with my mom and her family.  Now the blessing is “re-entry” to our family and parenting.

Yesterday alone I began juggling (or parenting the emotions and decisions that accompany) our son’s new job.
 I began to juggle (or parent the emotions) of our daughter’s husband taking a mini trip out of state. 

I also juggled (or parented) our youngest daughters completion of her final round of exams to finish high school and to prepare for her dance recital.

I woke to a heart filled with praise.  I really can’t.  I really don’t know how.  I’m really not that talented.  Only God.  Only God can parent.  Only God is big enough.  Only God can care for what these children’s need.  Only God.

Today as we seek to parent these children God has entrusted to us.  Lets not think WE must have all the answers or that WE are even capable of meeting all their needs.  Let’s see God as our children’s parent.  Only God.  Only God can parent.   Only God is big enough.  Only God can care for the needs of our children.  Only God!

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