Saturday, May 10, 2014

EVERY Mom Must Watch....Happy Mother's Day!

Tonight I saw the movie "Mom's Night Out" with some ladies from church. It was a great film. It highlighted the important things in the life of a mom. I sometimes can narrow in on what is not important, but may seem pressing at the time. My mind can get preoccupied with that kind of stuff...causing me to miss the simple sweetness of my kiddos.

Once I got home, my husband showed me a video seen on Facebook and I was so blessed. It reiterated the same message the movie honed in on: my role is important. It has value. 

My prayer is that as you watch this clip... it will emphasize that your kids focus on the great rather than the crazy...and you have value!

Lord, help us to parent the way you do, and be reminded of the impact we can make when we are seeking your face daily. Help us to enjoy the little moments in life that highlight how our children are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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