Friday, July 26, 2013

People Watching

Proverbs 24: 3, 4
“By wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established;
through knowledge its rooms are filled
with rare and beautiful treasures.”

I’m thinking this post would be better as a confessional.  I haven’t mentioned what our “little” family project is this summer right?  We are  completely remodeling the home we just bought.  I mean a complete redo.  Holding back nothing.  We have put in all new electricity, plumbing, and an air system. We have redone the ceilings, taken out walls, and rebuilt walls. We are putting in windows, floors and cabinets.
As exciting, romantic and maybe even inspiring as you may THINK this sounds, it’s hard work!!  There has been a lot of stress.
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And the confessional part…here it is, as much as we have wanted to act like Christ, we haven’t acted liked Christ every step of the way.  We have prayed and tried to reflect Him, but we are so trapped in this humanness.
We have found ourselves having to ask forgiveness for being unkind and short tempered.  We have misunderstood and not listened to each other.  Personally, I’ve felt like a failure as I have given in to the demands of the moment.  
Each night as a family we fall in to bed utterly exhausted not thinking we will make it another day.  As we drift to sleep we thank the Lord for the amazing gift of our new home and beg forgiveness for falling short, asking for His strength and patience to make it through the next day as we try to rebuild a home from the inside out.
One of the contract workers pulled my husband aside this week to tell him his impression of our family.  His observations were of a family working together.  Honoring one another, working hard, and loving each other.  We were so appreciative of the Lord’s faithfulness to cover our failures and sinfulness. 
This observation is not to give us a license to live in sin. Rather, this is a reminder that people are always watching us.  We are not living behind closed doors.  People are constantly taking notice of our behavior, both the good and the bad.
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We aren’t finished with our home renovations nor is the finish line in sight. Neither is the Lord finished with me!!  He is patiently loving me.  Patiently wanting me to submit my will to His.  He actually never misses a thing I say or do.  He never stops watching over me.  He never stops watching out for me.  I am grateful our Heavenly Father is a "People Watcher!" 

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  1. Love how you said "so trapped in our humanness" Such a good word! Thanks!!