Saturday, July 13, 2013

Modern Day Miracle

 For where two or three 
gather in my name, 
there am I with them. 
- Matthew 18:20

A few days after we got back from our vacation my boys came down with the stomach bug. It came on quickly in the morning and before I knew it, both boys had a bucket beside them and daddy out to get the sick necessities. You know those simple comfort foods that make everything better... Gatorade, popsicles, and chicken soup with noodle cut outs of our favorite character. 

I was mentally trying to figure out HOW I could function with a newborn (nursing constantly - going through a grown spurt) and two kids throwing up all day. So I tried not to panic and sent out a text, asking my close friends to pray. I received text messages back with encouraging words telling me they would pray. It was then that I noticed my boys had stopped throwing up. IMMEDIATELY.

Yep it was then that I saw it. A modern day miracle. My boys had been healed. Call me crazy but I DO believe Jesus still does miracles today. Even though we can't physically see Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit is still at work right in front of us! We must have faith, ask and believe. 

 IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: Sometimes the Lord answers what we pray for (like this) and other times we must rest in His sovereignty.

This allowed me the opportunity to share how God did a great work right in front of us. Our family talked of how Jesus healed when He was here on earth and how it's still happening today too.  I told them how I had asked for prayer and how the Lord showed up on our behalf, because of our friends praying. There is power in prayer. We experienced that this week.

Stand in the GAP today. Send out a text/email, to a friend, asking how you can pray for them. The Lord wants to use you to do a modern day miracle too!!

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