Friday, September 26, 2014

Memories Captured by Hope

        I think one of my favorite childhood memories is waking from a bad dream, stumbling in to the living room to find my parents still awake.  My dad’s attempt to help me not be worried about the dream was the offer to take me to the neighborhood 7-11 and buying me a Slurpee!  Complete with my pajamas, life was good.
         This week our youngest may have captured what will be one of her favorite childhood memories.
         Greg and I had gone out on our weekly date.  We ate outside on the patio of Panera Bread Company in order to enjoy a wonderful lightning show. As we drove home we thought of the possibility of watching the storm at the ocean.
         By the time we walked through the door of our home we were sure we wanted to venture down to the beach.  Our sixteen year old was finishing up her homework and we invited her to go with us.
         Complete with pajamas and dog on the leash we jumped into the family van and showed up at the beach.  For the next half an hour Hope, Greg and Cody walked the footpath of the shore snapping pictures and videos of God’s amazing light show.
         It culminated with a photo contest between the two.  Hope’s picture won!  I think you will agree!
God's Work of Art, Captured by Hope
         The blue ribbon were the words Hope added to her Instagram picture.

         This week consider an activity or an experience that will be out of the ordinary.  We never know what memories will be the ones captured for a lifetime. 


  1. I LOVE this Joannie! and I LOVE Hope's instagram quote :)))