Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getaway Tips!

Finally it’s the weekend!! The weekend the ladies of our church have been so looking forward to.  We finally have a ladies retreat!!  The retreat features a great speaker and an amazing location with super yummy food, views of the sun setting and oh…there are no children.


Yeah, I finally



And I’m stuck thinking of my babies.  Of course my “babies” are not.


But for all you who are blessed to be away this weekend, here are a few pointers to insure your weekend is all you hoped it would be and more.


1st – Realize you would never leave your babies unless you were confident with whom (or the whoms) you left them with. Those you left your children with know the basics to provide, love and protect them.


2nd – Allow yourself to enjoy every moment that you are away.  Don’t feel guilty or remorseful that you aren’t there to care for your little ones.  Eat chocolate, stay up late or take a nap.


3rd – Take advantage of time with friends.  Go with them to the pool or walk the beach. Laugh or listen or simply linger!


4th – Make your time with the Lord a priority.  Of course you need to attend the retreat but be sure you are finding this “get away” as time to listen to the Lord’s voice or have Him encourage and direct you.


5th – Prepare to take home gifts to your family.  Not the normal touristy t-shirts and plastic tub toys.  As you pray for each of them ask God to help you to know how to bring out the best in each.  Find them a shell or write a verse on the paper from the hotel and let them know you thought of them, you prayed for them and you missed them!!


And finally the 6th pointer is to be grateful, to the Lord for allowing you to get away. Follow that gratitude with a letter of thankfulness to the person or people who are caring for your children.


And this very final note…quit reading the blog and go enjoy the retreat!!

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