Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hold Me Accountable

You will seek Me
 and find Me, 
when you seek Me
 with all your heart.
 - Jeremiah 29:13

This month I started a weekly Bible study. They provide childcare as well as homework for both the mom and kids too! WOW! I absolutely love it! Their homework aligns with mine and it holds us accountable to studying the word each morning together as a family.

We each have a workbook to complete and fill in. It allows my kiddos to feel like they have a part/role as they come to class as well. They want to finish their work so they can participate in class with answers.

3 Reasons I love going:

1) It holds us accountable. 
   Knowing someone will be checking in each week with 
   us to see how God is challenging us as we study His word. 

2) It is healthy.
    My kids are able to have God-filled conversations
    with kids, outside of our family, as they learn skills to 
    defend their faith. 

3) It  gives my kids community with other little believers.
    They get to rub shoulders with others kids that will spur them  
    on to take a stand for Jesus. 

4) It is refreshing for me.
    Each week I am given 2 whole hours to be with other women
    kid-free to focus on Jesus. I am being sharpened by
    other moms who love Jesus too! What a gift I cherish! God 
    challenges me to look more like Him and how to accept others
    who are in a different place than myself. 

Do you have a place you can go and be held accountable?

Who is speaking truth into your life?

Is there a friend you can go to when struggling, and trust they will guide you back to wisdom of the Word?

If you don't...pray and ask Him for a group/person to hold you accountable. It is well worth the effort it takes to get there. The Lord wants to encourage you and use you to speak life into others today. Join a small group of Christian women. If there isn't one, start one. 

Something beautiful happens when women get together, share what He is doing in their life, and hold each other accountable! 

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