Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Diagnosing the Problem

  Read: Job 10-11

   I have been reading in Job lately and recently ran across Job 10 and 11. Job continues to describe his pain and suffering through the chapter. He is longing to describe the depth of his pain which seems like complaining to some. His friends decide not to just listen but to diagnose Job. They formulate their opinion on why he is suffering and attempt to "diagnose" the problem.

     Have you ever struggled with this moms? I have! There have been times my friends or family just needed a listening ear and all my mind wanted to do was have an opinion and diagnose what they needed. Even when we listen to the whole story there are times God wants us to just keep quiet. Even when our intentions are good!! I know men struggle with this, but we as moms may have the same struggle.

     Have your kids had issues with this? It is a good indication that you may have an issue. Are they being opinionated about their friends "issues" ? Encourage them today to try to just listen! Job's friends ultimately concluded that Job must have sinned to attain the punishment he was being given but that was not the case. Job was trying ,through his pain, to explain that, but their opinion had been set. Lets try to listen to our kids and in doing so teach them to listen compassionately to others.

   Help us as moms to display compassion. Help us to speak only when you have given us the Spirit to do so and if any opinion we have be our own help us to stay quiet. Let us demonstrate this fruit to our children and teach them to heed the Spirit also!

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