Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who's In Charge Here?

Every afternoon in the Seawell house we have "Quiet Time" where each of us gets two hours of alone time. Reading books, playing iPad, and resting are a few of our favorite things to do. Lately I have enjoyed relaxing on the couch, curled up with my new favorite book, "Who's In Charge Here?" by Dr. Bob Barnes.

Such rich wisdom I have found in my time reading this book. Words that pierce my heart because I have given way to inconsistency as I disciple my little ones. Although it is crazily convicting, it has also been so encouraging. The book gives real-life examples of things I currently struggle with, but then it gives great hope of how to correct the issues at hand.

Love love love this book. Highly recommend it. I literally in one day, gulped down over 4 chapters of it! Here are just a few of my favorite quotes (so far) from the book....

"Before I can deal with an area I deem as deficient in my child's behavior, I must first see if he is learning it from me." (pg. 40)

"Part of disciplining children, is setting the boundaries and then getting out of the way.
As parents we should do everything in our power to offer assistance - and then get out of the way."
(pg 52)

"Responsibility is the key. The child must be placed in a position of being responsible for his behavior. The parent must be in the position of loving the child while upholding the behavioral boundaries."
(pg. 5)

Ladies, find books that challenge you as a mom, and encourage you to try harder. Don't allow yourself to get stagnant or feel like a failure. Get educated and allow other trail blazers to speak truth into your life. Ask friends what they are reading. Borrow it when they're done.

Have you read any good parenting books lately? 

Never stop learning. Enjoying growing as a mom. Allow others to speak into your parenting.

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