Saturday, September 6, 2014

Creative Ways to Encourage Your Child to Share About Their Day!

 As moms, we love to talk. We love to ask questions. We love to dig into the lives of our little ones and see where their heart is at, as we disciple them. We love our kids. It is our jobs to mold and shape their hearts and minds towards Jesus. 

With that said, we also like to dig deep in our questions, asking our child about their school day. Sometimes it can be from the moment they hop into the car we begin to drill them. It can be exhausting for the kids, especially if they struggle to talk or express themselves. 

I have watched my children's grandmother, "Mimi", do it a little different...where she creates a fun environment at her home and just allows the conversation to be very organic. Not bugging, but just doing an activity the child enjoys (Play-Doh, Legos, coloring, painting, cooking, some random art and craft, ect.) and chatting with them as she does it. And it's in a non-threatening way!

A couple of days ago, a sweet friend, called asking questions about this subject. She came up with an idea of placing a jar next to the child's bed and placing a bunch of simple, not intimidating, questions in it - where each night the child could pick out one to answer. I LOVE this idea, and I know my kids would just love doing this "game" each night!

Click the link below for some questions you could print, cut out, and use in your bedtime jar. OR feel free to ask your child to create their own creative questions they'd like to answer. That could be fun too!

How do you check in with your child each day as you build a relationship that is meaningful?

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  1. Thanks Kate! We made the jar of questions the other night and both kiddos have loved answering them, and actually helped make up some of the questions! xo