Friday, September 20, 2013

Magic Bullet Parenting

Last Christmas our son asked for a “Magic Bullet.” 
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You may have one or know how “magical” they are.  Don’t be fooled its simply a glorified small blender that some advertising Genie dreamed up.  Now, don’t get me wrong, my son has loved his “Magic Bullet” probably more than a lot of those who own the Vitamix.
         I was reminded of the “Magic Bullet” after returning from this past weekend’s marriage retreat with Greg.  The location was incredible; the main sessions and the food were fantastic and we especially enjoyed visiting with the other couples.  It was a super sweet retreat.        
         Funny we were at a marriage conference and yet we chose to attend the parenting session even with our children at ages: 23, 21 and 15.  Truthfully I chose the workshop because I respect those who were teaching.  The workshop didn’t disappoint.
         As I took notes, I began making bullet points of those things I thought most beneficial to our parenting.  Here are five of my favorite “Magic Bullets:”

·      The way our children “turn out” has nothing to do with my parenting, but rather everything to do with God’s grace.
·      Most parental problems are marital problems. 
·      The marriage relationship must be more important than our parental relationships.
·      Give assurance to your children, love them, tell them, and affirm them! Be their biggest fan!
And my favorite…
·      There is nothing I’ve done in my parenting that can’t be redeemed!
These five “bullets” of truth are giving me direction and blessing me with encouragement.  I think these five truths can be summed up by saying, 
“Producing good children is an act of God’s grace, and my part is to love their father and cheer them on!”
         I recognize there is much more to being a good parent.  Find the “Magic Bullets” you need for your parenting.  Seek them in your personal study in God’s Word, in prayer, in Christian parenting books, and with other godly parents.  Our Savior is so much more than a “Magic Bullet!” for our parenting, He is the “Miracle Projectile!”