Sunday, September 22, 2013

Change Up Your Routine

My husband was invited to go fishing with some friends last night. This caused our nightly routine to be changed up a little. We decided to do something fun after dinner instead of going straight for the bath, so the boys wouldn't miss their night time with daddy. We went outside in front of our house and "played ball."

How refreshing it was to get outside and have some fun together as a family. Each Monday we have our family day where we go to a park or beach and spend quality time outdoors together, but not normally during the week. It was great. It allowed us to converse with neighbors, have fun, and be refreshed by the outdoors.  Making memories my children will look back on and incorporate into their own families.

My husband and I both agreed we need to get outside with the kids nightly instead of just weekly. We had so much fun. All from a change in our normal routine. It also allowed me to watch my son, who has been struggling tons lately, have fun learning a new game. It blessed me to see the kids laughing, smiling, and having fun.

Have you gotten out and had some fun with your kids lately?

Change up your routine today and include something fun!

If you have a struggling child, find an activity they can succeed at and allow them to have fun.

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