Monday, September 30, 2013

A Secret Revealed

“Let me tell you a secret.”  This is a regular phrase whispered rather loudly in our kid’s ears always resulting in much time spent in giggle-land.  My husband started this when our daughter was just a tiny baby.  He would whisper things like, “Remember the time I gave you a Cheeto.…”  He would get a smile out of baby Jordan, a rolling giggle out of toddler Matthew and a cross look out of me as I would have been very upset if he had actually given her anything close to Cheetos.  This is why it has been a funny family joke for about 2 years now. 

Just the other day I read a wonderful bit of Scripture that made me think of our little family tradition.  I read in Psalm 25:14-15 that David had his own line about secrets, but instead of being about something silly to make us laugh, it’s a wonderful truth; it’s something to help us grow in our knowledge and relationship with our God.

Psalm 25:14-15 “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him.  And He will show them His covenant.  My eyes are ever toward the LORD.  For He shall pluck my feet out of the net.”

Let’s listen in and be delighted in our God today.  He wants to show US His covenant.  He wants to pluck our feet out of the net (net= worry, fear of man, distractions, self-centeredness…).  Let’s keep our eyes toward the LORD.  Let’s be awed by our holy Creator today.  The secret of the MOST HIGH is out!  Fear Him – be in awe of Him.  Let’s tell the world this wonderful and glorious secret!  And instead of whispering it, let’s show it in how we live and when appropriate, share with those who surround us.

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