Sunday, September 29, 2013

Proper Perspective

Now may the God of hope fill you
 with all joy and peace in believing,
 that you may abound in hope
 by the power of the Holy Spirit. 
- Romans 15:13 
On Friday my son went in the hospital to have some tests done on his bladder. It was a long day but the doctor assured us that as we press forward things will get better. His doctor doesn't know Jesus but I truly believe the Lord will use us to encourage him towards the Lord. It takes time, relationship (we've known this doctor for 4 years), faith, and prayer. We are praying and believing that the Lord will use our trials for His glory (John 9:1-3). 

As we began our trip back home across Alligator Ally (2 hour straight road with very few exits and little to look at besides water and grass on both sides) I began to praise the Lord for our car. It is a 2007, and has been such a gift. We received it free (along with 6 months of free insurance) from a sweet family in the faith. To which, right after my car completely gave out causing me to have to pull over and put my flashers on. 

After many attempts to start it again, phone calls to our roadside assistance number, freaking out to my husband on the phone, and the Road Ranger behind our car - I found a peace that surpasses understanding. Someone was praying for me. So needed and it was overwhelmingly felt by my spirit. My kids were playing together trying to catch mosquitoes let in by my window. Our vent was blowing cool air because the battery worked enough to. It gave way to proper perspective. 

This breakdown caused me to praise God for many things. 

Thankful I had a car (at all - some have to take a bus or walk). 

Thankful that my kids are best friends (even though they can fight like the best of them ) and look out for each other. I watched them try to soothe their little sister as she had a few meltdowns. 

Thankful we got to ride in the awesome Road Ranger car to meet my husband at the  nearest exit. (My kids loved it!)

Thankful that my husband was our "hero" (as my oldest son stated) and came to "rescue" us.

Thankful that we have good friends who were across the ally already and stopped to look at our car, on their way over, and plan to tow it back for us (something the tow truck wanted to charge $450 for).  That was so supernatural. What a gift. 

Proper perspective. Looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. That's what knowing Jesus will do. 

Ladies look at your situation with "biblical goggles" seeing how the Lord is working in it all.

Remember to praise your kids for those little moments where they choose to behave in the midst of crazy.

Praise your husband (earthly if you have one - heavenly if you do not) for the way he steps up to protect and "rescue" your family.

What do you think HE is saying to you through this today?

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  1. Awesome God! Thanks for sharing Kate! Glad God has order when it doesn't seem there is any at the time.