Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dress Modestly Ladies...Your Little Ones Are Watching :)

It's always an interesting thing whenever you visit a theme park. If  you "people watch" you will notice an obvious trend...little girls mimic after their Momma :) Her clothing almost always is a "Mini Me" of  Mom's.  If Mom wore tight and revealing clothes, most times so did the daughter. If Mom was conservative in dress style, so too, was her little princess. As I observed this during my last Disney trip, I pondered about the image I portray to my daughter, Quinn. Even though she is only 1, I am setting a precedence that she will follow.  Without saying a word, she will look to my decisions clothing and reflect that too. Am I dressing modestly and setting the example myself?  Do I want her wearing what I wear? 

I recently watched a video clip ...

Jessica Rey "The Evolution of the Swim Suit" 


that was powerful and well-worth my time. It spoke of modesty and the power of the brain. It gave insight and great encouragement. My hope is that you will watch this clip and settle in your mind to...be careful what you wear. Be careful what you let your little one wear. It is a trend started that will continue as they grow. 

The world will convince you it's ok, but ultimately what is the message we are sending our daughters? 

Are we honoring Christ with the clothing we put on ourselves and our kiddos?

Just something to ponder! 

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