Thursday, June 5, 2014

Get Out & Breathe

Today was refreshing. It was one I will remember for a long time. I went to a playdate organized to celebrate my son's 7th birthday. The kids ate lunch, played, splashed in the water pad, laughed and reminded me of how important it is to get out. This outing allowed my kids the joy of being around other kids and gave me the blessing of having fellowship with other moms.

Today's time highlighted the fact that I have been in a rut. A rut that lasted a year. It was a time when I resisted playdates and was worried what "new friends" in my new town might think of my son who struggles. Other kids struggle too, but if I am cooped up in my house without playdates I don't recognize that. Fear held me back from experiencing new friendships, both for me and my kiddos.

But that's going to change. I need to push through my fear, and make new friends. I need to pray for special and understanding friends for both my kids and me too! I need to get out there. Join that local moms Bible study. Make a phone call and initiate a play date without fear of what they may think of my child. It's healthy. It's necessary to survive motherhood :) It's community...and what we were made for.

What fear is holding you back?

Set a goal to overcome that fear. Follow through. Celebrate even the little milestones you overcome!

Fellowship is good. Playdates are healthy. Community is necessary. Just do it! Get out & breathe.


  1. Beautifully written my friend! A great reminder that we are not alone whatever our fears are with our children we must press on, breathe, and get out! Would have loved to have been there for that special day!!! Xo

    1. Love this Kate as we have had a very similar year. Thank you for writing this!! Timing was perfect. :)