Saturday, June 7, 2014

Community is a Necessity

Necessity is defined as an indispensable thing; essential; necessary. 

I recently started a Bible study on Tuesday nights and it has been life changing. For me. For the ladies. It is a necessity as a Christian. As a woman. As a mom. We were created for fellowship. We yearn for it and when we find like-minded friends it truly is a gift. The reason I started the Tuesday group was the same as last summer...needing refreshment. There is something unique and special each time a group of people gather together in the name of Jesus.

He promises, 
For where two or three have gathered together
 in My name, I am there in their midst.
- Matthew 18:20

As a mom it can be so difficult to get out to a Bible study. I found the top 10 reasons, we don't join a group, from this site:
    See if any of these ring true for you...
  1. You’re too busy. Satan likes a busy woman because those distractions will keep you away from God.
  2. You’re afraid of quitting. Not believing in yourself is an advantage for the enemy, he wants you to doubt your strength.
  3. Past failure. You tried a Bible Study, got behind and felt guilty. Right, just like the time you got on a bike, fell off, and never rode a bike again.
  4. Homework, yuk! Asking your children to do homework and then not doing it yourself…Satan just loves this.
  5. No time in my day. We waste time learning from TV and we don’t give our time to God by reading the Bible.
  6. My house is noisy. Getting up early is not easy, after the first day. Once you find alone time, you’re value it more than anything else in your day.
  7. I have to work. Making money is important, but worshiping money, instead of spending time with God, is not. Get up early or read at lunchtime.
  8. It’s too expensive. The online study is free, the book is inexpensive. Use your money for coffee drinks, or for God?
  9. The commitment is too long. Being scared is something Satan has instilled in your heart and he wins, not God.
  10. The “Holidays” are coming. There will always be a holiday, a Spring Break, Christmas Season or family vacation. While these events are short lived, bible study is a six to ten week commitment of reading God’s Word. His Word in your heart is eternal.
Do any of these have your name on it??

I cannot stress how important and life giving small group Bible study is. I have made some of my best friends through it. Gleaned much and been challenged by others to live more like Christ. I have a group to share my struggles with and the praise reports as well! A community who commits to pray for me which allows for transparency leading to ministry. 

Do you have a group like this? 

If not, pray and press on. Find one. Get involved in this life changing mission and allow the Lord to stretch you. As a mom, community is a necessity. It is essential. We have those moments we feel like a failure and need reassurance we are not! It will allow you to be refreshed. Coming home after -ready to face the rest of the week - with the right perspective. You will be a better mom, wife, and friend because of it. Just do it!

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