Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Delayed...With Purpose

Today was a big day. A life lesson was learned. My husband was scheduled to fly to Haiti on a missions trip he was leading. We planned our day around dropping him off at the airport. Bags -packed. Extra materials required for ministry -packed. Itinerary schedule-packed. Arrangements made for arrival of the team of twelve once landed in Port Au Prince- check. Everything was a go...or so we thought. The Lord had other plans.

A few hours later, my husband called me and shared that their flight was cancelled. Mechanical issues with the plane caused a setback. They wouldn't fly out until the following day. The trip was delayed. As I drove back that afternoon to pick him up from the airport my mind pondered the question...why? Why was it delayed? God had a plan. God had a purpose for this zealous group to go make disciples in all the nations. But there was also purpose in the delay of their departure as well. Maybe it would be the flight attendant OR someone who would sit on the seat next to one of our missionaries that would need ministry. Maybe it will be the driver of the complementary shuttle that will take our team tomorrow back to the airport - that needs to experience the love of Christ. It is a plan with a purpose...even when I don't completely get it. HE does!

Delays are not always fun, but are necessary. They cause us to slow down, breathe, and refocus on the things that are important. My oldest has some speech delays. Things that come naturally and normal for others, the Lord has fashioned in him to be delayed. The purpose and plan completely out of my hands, but in his Maker's. Those delays will cause us to rub shoulders with doctors and specialists that need to experience the love of Christ too.  His plan is much bigger than the delay. That "inconvenience" is actually a holy encounter. One ordained by God - which He wants us to use for His glory.

The mechanical malfunction of the plane - your son or daughter's struggle - that delay - is a holy encounter - to be used for His purpose. His plan. One that will have an eternal value someday.

What is your "delay?"

Refocus on what is important and remember it is a delay with purpose, meaning, and value.


  1. Ohh Kate, this was so good! So ministered to me tonight - thank you! Love you!

  2. Beautiful, Kate! This truth is often hard to accept, but soooo perfect once embraced!