Friday, April 25, 2014

What cha Doing?

I have such fond memories of our children as pre-schoolers walking quietly into a room I was in to rock back on their heals and ask, "What cha doing?"

Over the past several weeks God has heard my cry to show  “any wicked way in me.”  He has revealed pride, self-righteousness, gossip, unkindness, judgmental attitudes, laziness and more.  I am appreciative of His great patience with me as my pride refuses to see my desperately wicked heart.

This week, God showed me in James 4 that anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it – sins!  This verse shook me to the core.  What do I know to do that I am not?  What am I omitting that God is expecting me to do?  It isn't "what cha doing" its "what cha NOT doing?"

One example of these sins of omission came this week.  Our daughter was talking with me about an appointment, she asked, “Did you pray about it?” Conviction.  Yes, before I make important decisions I should be praying and seeking God’s wisdom.

Another example of omission in my life was realizing I was so looking at life’s difficult circumstances, I wasn’t moving on.  God doesn’t want me so focused on the problem that I am not doing the next right thing.

This may not be what you are omitting in your life or in the life of your family.  Ask the Lord to help you see the good you ought to be doing.  Ask Him, "what should I be doing."

Our Father God isn't so far away.  He does walk into our lives and ask, "What cha doing?"  As moms we are all called to do “good works that were planned in advance.”  Let’s not miss any of them!
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