Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resurrection STICKS Activity

I am not organized. Nor am I crafty. I struggle putting things together, and am very forgetful. Only God would call me into overseeing Children's Ministry at church. It can be overwhelming as I look at how many obstacles are before me, but I know One who is working for me! The Lord asked and I obeyed. In my obedience, now and in past, I have experienced such provision of peace and joy as I submit to His plan instead of my own. 

Is it uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone? 


But I know if He asks....He will supply all I need.

 This weekend we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. How exciting! In Children's Ministry I was stressing out (instead of praying) about what activities I would get together for service for all the classes, which the kids would keep and use later instead of chucking into the garbage.

I Google(d) all types of things and sat in front of the screen wondering what to do. Then the Lord gave me an idea! HE is so good to bless us when we are stretched in obedience. And I wanted to share it with you.

Resurrection Sticks! Similar to the Resurrection Eggs we are all familiar with, the 12 pictures are printed out and glued onto popsicle sticks. Something the kids can take home and share with their family. I am encouraging the kids also to share them with someone who doesn't know Jesus. Click the links below for pictures and printouts.

What are you doing with your kiddos to make the resurrection story one they can re-tell and encourage others with? 

Don't let Easter just pass by without telling them the amazing story of the resurrection.

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