Monday, April 21, 2014

Crank It Up!

Let’s be honest. Sometimes as a mom you want to scream at your kids. You want to tell them how ungrateful they are being, how they need to get along with their siblings, stop complaining, be respectful, use kind words, keep their hands to themselves, clean up their own mess, etc. These are all good things that we should tell our kids, but if I’m honest…in my moments of deep frustration I want to snatch up ‘em and just yell the truth at them. As if that is what God is calling me to do…

Well, I know it’s not.  I would only end up saying things that I regret or in a way that I would regret…I would end me apologizing to my kids and feeling horrible for losing it and setting such a bad example. So, when those times come when I feel like I want to shout from the rooftops…I do…but in a healthy way….

I crank up the music and start dancing and praising God. Seriously, the kids join in and we all end up having our own Jam Fest in the living room…or in the car. If the truth be told, I needed to “get it out”. I needed to let go of my own junk, refocus on Jesus, and “press on” in the joy to which HE is calling me.

In those moments when I decide to “shout to the Lord” or make a joyful noise, I am exchanging the lie of the enemy (that yelling at my kids will somehow force them into submission and make me feel better all at the same time) for the truth of God (his grace is sufficient for my weakness and words aptly spoken are like apples of gold).

So fellow momma’ in Christ, let’s take the “no yelling, start praising” challenge together. Let’s choose to exhibit self-control and look to the Lord for our joy and strength as opposed to unleashing the ugly on our kids. They are watching our example. If your kids are yelling a lot…guess who they may be getting it from?

It is NEVER too late to change that. When we are feeling at our wits end, let’s crank it up and choose praise.


God, you are perfect and holy in all your ways. May we exhibit your Holy Spirit control when we are feeling pressed on all sides by our kids, our circumstances, or the storms of life. May our worship be sincere. May you be our rock of safety and our refuge for peace in the midst of life’s frustrating and challenging moments. May we press in to you, and choose not lean on our own understanding or justify our own sin. May we set YOU before us so that we will not be shaken.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Ready to Jam? Click on the link below:

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  1. Love this! I do it too sometimes:) my husband is always wondering why the music is always playing, and I tell him it's much better than the alternative!!! Xo