Thursday, April 17, 2014

Praise + Perspective = Revelation

As a mom, we have highs. We have lows. We have those moments we feel liberated, for truth instilled in our kids as we watch it being lived out. We also experience those moments we wish we could erase and re-do. Praise God that HE loves us enough to give us new mercies each day. As we are served grace, it allows us to do the same with our kiddos.

How has your week been? More highs than lows? Vice versa? I am grateful for both the highs and the lows. They each have purpose and meaning. Allowing us to grow and glean truth only gained through our observation.

God tells us to praise him in EVERYTHING. Our life will look different if we faithfully do this.
What is HE trying to teach you through your highs and lows this week? Praise Him for the great things in your week. Praise Him for those things that stretched you. Praise Him for those people He has placed in your life to prune you. It all has a goal....His glory. He wants to use your mouth to speak truth into the lives of others because of those experiences.

Perspective is everything.  Many times when our mind is left without the word of God, it reflects a more worldly perspective. The friendships we cultivate also mold and shape our character which determines the perspective we have. Be careful. Choose your friends wisely. Encourage the lost, but don't allow them to discourage you. Be a light. Pray for friendships that will exhort you in the ways of God.

Real revelation comes when we spend time with Him. My schedule is crazy busy. But days I set aside alone time with Him is when restoration happens. It is what gives me strength for the next set of marching orders He gives me. Daily given out, and many times I miss experiencing His peace because I allow other things to steal that time. HE has a plan just for you! Spend time with Him. Watch and be in awe.

How has your quiet time been this week?

What goal can you set so in order to carve out some alone time with your Creator?

Do you have a friendship that nudges you towards Jesus? If not, pray for one. She will be an amazing gift in your life. Life is hard. Don't do it alone!

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