Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Streams in the Wastelands

It's been a long year. 2013 seemed like the longest year of my life. Tons of trials with life lessons weaved throughout. Our family moved, had a new baby, started a new church, enrolled in public school, pulled out of public school, challenges of homeschooling two active boys with a newborn, tons of sickness with the kiddos (when they are normally very healthy), having my oldest tested for Aspergers with therapy sessions, major car problems, and my four year old had major reconstructive bladder surgery (in hospital for a week) that we are still recovering from. But...God is still on the throne.

It has been exhausting. In it all HE has reminded me the importance of clinging to His word for encouragement and refreshment. At times it has definitely felt as if I am in the dessert and desperate for a glass of water. But it's a season. It's not forever. If I were really honest, in these crazy times, I have learned more about Jesus than in those easier seasons of my life. 

I have struggled as a mommy. I have had to repent and ask my kids for forgiveness. In it all there are lessons, for me, for my kids, and those He wants me to share with. Lessons that challenge my character to look more like Jesus.

Have you had a rough day? Month? Year? You are not alone, Mommy! Find a quiet place, get alone with God, and allow Him to refresh you in the desert you are walking through. HE will give you "streams" to revive your tired and weary self. 

HE loves you! Being a mommy is tough. But you have an amazing opportunity to raise up the next generation for Christ. It is huge. Satan wants to sift and take you down, in order to thwart your efforts.  Cling to Him. You will never regret it! 

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