Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Billboard Truth

We are therefore 
Christ's ambassadors, 
as though God were making 
his appeal through us. 
We implore you on 
Christ's behalf: 
Be reconciled 
to God. 
- 2 Corinthians 5:20

Today I drove to Orlando with the kids and, as always, I noticed the many billboards that aligned the highway. Theme parks to pro-life were the ones seen most. It got my mind thinking about the purpose of billboards. Stay with me. As thoughts began to wander, I thought of how many people see those billboards, on a weekly basis, and make a decision of whether or not they will visit the place/idea that is raised high for all to see.

I began thinking of my walk with Christ. As a mom. A wife. Friend. What does the "billboard" of my life say to others? I want to have purpose in how I represent. My children are looking at my "billboard" each day. They see a picture representing either a mom who is relying on Christ for strength, or one who isn't. 

This past week was tough. I saw how my lack of quiet time, with the Lord, caused me to be frazzled more. My "billboard" was not one looking like Christ. It was more a picture of flesh than any fruit of the spirit. Many times I had to repent and ask my kids for forgiveness. We all have encountered that mom who is rightly representing the picture of Jesus. How does she do it? Only by grasping onto the hem of His garment and asking for healing - of the heart and mind. She remembers she cannot do it on her own. I want to be that mom. I want to cling to Jesus and have it represented in the beauty of my spirit.

What does your "billboard" say to your kids? Your neighbor? 

Ask Him to show you anything needing change on your "billboard" today. Listen. 

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