Friday, January 31, 2014

Mundane Moms

Judges 6:11
“Gideon was threshing wheat in a winepress…”

         I cannot begin to describe how wonderful it has been to have my parents with us since the first days of the new year.  I’m happy they are out of the snow and cold and enjoying our version of “winter” here in South Florida.   I am happy they are away from their many volunteer responsibilities (although they have volunteered with my work details from home!) 
         I have enjoyed watching them “join” my world.  Whether jumping in as we carpool our daughter to school, attending our church, fixing or cleaning up meals or having coffee in the morning together, having them close brings such security.
         Having my mom attend my neighborhood small group Bible study has been particularly special.  This week we looked at the often-mundane existence God has called us to.  Looking at the life of Gideon we have learned that even in his mundane circumstances there remains a symbol of God’s favor.
         As I sat this past week and looked around our circle of neighbors, my eyes fell upon my mom. My eyes saw her, my ears heard her, but my heart was stirred with memories.
         I would not be able to count the amount of lunch bags and boxes she packed between four children.  I will never know the countless hours she has spent driving my three brothers and myself to sporting practices and games.  I know she has spent hours turned to weeks and then months of washing, drying, folding, ironing and putting our clothes away.  All those mundane tasks she did without complaining.
         Yet, she left me “feeling” like she loved us.  “Feeling” she liked these mundane tasks.  “Feeling” like we mattered to her.  My mom did such a great job with the mundane; she made me desire the same.  Mom made mundane seem like a worthy, enjoyable, desirable profession.
         God doesn’t give us the mundane to make us bored or irritated or even bitter.   He gives us the mundane to challenge us not to give up.  He gives us mundane to see His faithfulness at work.

         I saw His faithfulness in my moms mundane and it made me desire the same for my life.  I pray that our children will one day say the same.


  1. We are studying Gideon in my community group as well. This weeks focus was also on the ordinary task we perform each day. It spoke about seeing God's faithfulness and kindness in these tasks. It really spoke to my heart as sometimes the enemy will whisper nonsense in my ear about JUST being a stay at home mom. Thank you for sharing, God is still trying to remind me to see Him in the small things we do each day. I am happy for you as you get to spend precious time with your parents! Missi Mecklenburg

    1. So grateful God has called us to serve together! You are a WONDERFUL mommy, friend and co-laborer! I'm blessed to know you!