Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Theme Park 101 - PART 1

Then you will walk on your way securely,
 and your foot will not stumble. 
-Proverbs 3:23

I am POOPED! I have spent the last 5 days in Walt Disney World theme parks. Tonight I pulled my minivan into the driveway mentally & physically exhausted. I also was thoroughly excited to climb into my bed and just relax. Our trip was awesome making sweet memories my kids will file into the memory banks of their minds. I have some simple and valuable lessons learned I want to share with you.

1. Make a Schedule 
Plan out each day what you hope to do or where you plan to go.     Look up show times and write them out in the "notes" part of
your phone so you always have them with you. This allows you     to have a goal each day of things you'd like to see/do. With 
kids the days always seem to flow better with a plan.

2. Make a Budget
Know how much you allot to spend before you leave your home on vacation. Save up extra money weeks prior if need be. Try making a jar and putting extra cash in it for spending money. Set up times to eat a simple meal (PB & J) and plan a fun eating out time too. Look for simple ways to make your vacation special while staying on the budget you have set. Many times we don't set a budget which causes us to frivolously spend money we don't have instead of proceeding with caution.

3. Make Expectations Known 
Follow through with rewards & consequences early on in your vacation, with your children, and you will reap major rewards the rest of your trip. Allow your kids some "pre-activity" where you tell them what is expected and the benefits of obeying. This also gives them the chance to understand the "if-then" concept. Many times we "let it go" and the kids grasp that they don't have to obey 
because they are away from home. This causes much tension and frustration. Share what behavior is expected and allow them to WOW you! 

 4. Melt Downs WILL Happen
I was standing in the concession line @ Disney and saw a mom struggle to order food... as her boys were having a melt down. It was so refreshing. I stood there thinking I am not alone. All parents experience kids having melt downs at some point during a tiring and exhausting day. It never fails. Each time we go to a theme park... my kids have multiple meltdowns throughout the day. I am always shocked because they are at the "happiest place on earth." If you stop and "people watch" during your stay at the theme park you will see you are NOT alone. 

How was your last vacation?
Can you relate?  
What is your take-away from this post?


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